Yurevichi, Belarus

Rechitsa Uyezd, Minsk Gubernia

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 ====== About this Project ====== ====== About this Project ======
-This project assembles information about the history, people, geography, economy and cultural heritage of Yurevichi as it existed before World War II.  ​It is a work-in-progress.+This project assembles information about the history, people, geography, economy and cultural heritage of Yurevichi as it existed before World War II.  ​
-The project'​s first phase is the collection of primary [[sources:​start|Sources of Information]] and family histories. ​ This will be used to write the town's history The second phase will identify people who lived in this town using sources such as Pages of Testimony and Ellis Island manifest records.+Approved versions of the content on this website are periodically published ​to the JewishGen website at the location: http://​kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/​yurevichi/​
-===== Editing this Site ===== +Creating and editing takes place on the yurevichi.org website, which is separate from JewishGen's network and systems.
-An open-source wiki is being used to create these pages. ​ Anyone can make additions or changes to these pages. ​ Don't worry about deleting or breaking anything on this website; historical pages can be easily restored+
-You don't need to seek permission to make changes to these pages; just click the "​edit ​this page" pencil icon located on the right-column of every page Jon Jaroker monitors all changes and you won't hear from him unless he has comments or questions about your edits and you are registered.+The project plan for this work is available here: [[http://​plan.jaroker.org/​rb/​master_backlog/​yurevichi|Yurevichi Project Planning Website]]
-Registration is optional. ​ If you choose to register, then you can also subscribe to changes on the page you edited and have your contributions attributed to you.  Anonymous edits will be attributed to your IP address. +====== ​About the Author ​======
- +
-===== JewishGen KehilaLink for Yurevichi ​===== +
-One of the goals of this project is to create a Yurevichi memorial page as a JewishGen KehilaLink. ​ An initial version is expected to be published by December 2013.  It will be available on the JewishGen website at: http://​kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/​yurevichi/​ +
- +
-==== How it Works ==== +
- +
-Creating and editing these pages will take place on this yurevichi.org website, as an online wiki is ideal for such collaborative document creation. ​ For technical and security reasons, this editing and collaboration process occurs on a computer server that is separate from JewishGen'​s network and systems. +
- +
-Versions of this website will be pushed periodically to the JewishGen website to become read-only instances. We expect these read-only instances to look identical to the pages on yurevichi.org.+
 +[[http://​jaroker.com|Jon Jaroker]] is the initial author of this content. His research interests can be found on his personal genealogy website, [[http://​findfollow.com|FindFollow.Com]].
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