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Rechitsa Uyezd, Minsk Gubernia

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Jews in Turov: History of a Shtetl in Mozyr’s Polesye Region

Smilovitsky, Leonid. Jews in Turov: History of a Shtetl in Mozyr’s Polesye Region. Jerusalem 2008, 846 pp. 2008. ISBN 978-965-555-352-9. Pages 395-396, 424.



Turov is a proxy for Yurevichi as the cities were nearby.

Page 395-396 Pharmacies - Аптечное дело

Describes lack of pharmacies and basic medicines during the start of the Soviet era. Storage, delivery and record keeping of drugs was dysfunctional in Yurevichi and other towns in 1938.

Table 1 identifies the Yurevichi pharmacist as:

  • George Anisimovich Semeniuk (Георгий Анисимович Семенюк)
  • Russian
  • Served in Wrangle's army (служил в армии Врангеля)

Page 424 Politics of Land Management (Политика землеустройства)

Describes the Soviet goals of converting tradesmen and businessmen into farmers.

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