Yurevichi, Belarus

Rechitsa Uyezd, Minsk Gubernia

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The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life

Spector, Shmuel, and Geoffrey Wigoder. The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life before and during the Holocaust. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 2001.

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Volume 3, Page 1477


Yurevichi is located in the Polesie region of Belorussia.


Jewish Population Total Population
Late 1700s Jews are first mentioned
1811 65
1897 1,2871) 1,5772)
1926 1,139


A Musar Yeshiva was active in Yurevichi until 1922. It was banned by Soviet authorities. A Jewish elementary school was opened in 1922.


In the early 1930s, 60% of the Jews were artisans. In 1930, two Jewish kolkhozes (collective farms) near Yurevichi supported 50 Jewish families.


  • 22 August 1941 - The Germans occupied Yurevichi
  • October 1941 - Germans establish ghetto
  • 19 November 1941 - Between 200-250 Jews were murdered on the banks of the Pripet Rever.
  • 27 November 1941 - Another 200 Jews from the ghetto were murdered beside a pit near the town.
1) , 2) This population figure probably came from Jewish Encyclopedia of Brockhaus and Efron in Russian
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