Yurevichi, Belarus

Rechitsa Uyezd, Minsk Gubernia

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Jon Jaroker 2013/10/06 14:36

Hebrew Subscription Lists

Kagan, Berl Sefer ha-prenumerantn : ṿegṿayzer tsu prenumerirṭe hebreishe seforim un zeyre hos̀mim fun 8,767 ḳehilòs in eyrope un tsfun-afriḳe / Nyu Yorḳ : di biblioteḳ fun Yidish-Ṭeologishn seminar in Nyu-Yorḳ : Ketav, 1975.00108516


See also:

Page 351 - Kagen Number

Jurovice Kagen number: 4055

Page 137 - Pre-Subscribers

Yiddish name for Jurevice: יוראָוויצע

Subscription Entry:

  • Yiddish: ילקוט אברהם
  • Transliteration: ILKUT ABRAHAM
  • Translation: Compilation of Abraham

Number of pre-subscribers: (1) (FIXME: why is the number in parenthesis? Most subscriber numbers do not have parens. Does this indicate a group purchase, such as congregation?)

Page 313 - Book Information

Book Information

  • title of book (in bold) matching subscription entry (followed by a comma): ילקוט אברהם, Compilation Abraham
  • name of author (ending with a period): שלמה ישעיה ליפשיטץ, Solomon Isaiah Lipschitz
  • place of publication (followed by a comma): מונקאטש, Munkatsh (Could this be Mukachevo, Ukraine?)
  • year of publication (ending with a period): תרצ“א

Publication date: 5691 (1931 C.E.)

Page 321 (Appendix 2) Authors

No authors from Yurevichi listed.

Page 334 (Appendix 3) Congregations

No congregations from Yurevichi listed.

Page 337 (Appendix 4) Fraternal Lodges

No fraternal lodges from Yurevichi listed.

ילקוט אברהם - Compilation of Abraham

About the Book

The Compilation of Abraham was compiled by Abraham Lipschitz and published by the author's son, Shlomo Yeshaya Lipschitz1)

Page 423 - Subscriber for Yurevichi

Page 423 Excerpt The Yurevichi resident who pre-subscribed to this book appears on page 423. There is an entry for “Yuravitze” in parentheses for “Yulnitze”.

  • Name: Reb Eliyahu/Eliyohu Greenberger
This is mentioned in the frontispiece.
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