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Bobruisk Yiskor Book

Slutsky, Yehuda. “Bobruisk Yiskor Book”, Tel-Aviv, 1967.


First Chapter

  • 1639 inventory of Bobruisk ordered by Sigsmund III
    • No Jews living in the area
    • City craftsmen shops: locksmiths, carpenters, tanners, blacksmith, barber-surgen, “prizerer”, goldsmith, shoemaker, baker, whiskey distiller
    • Employment: some in trade. Most were farmers, hunters and fishermen
    • heavy taxes to the “royal court”: money, grains, honey, pelts, eggs, wood; labor obligations include 2 workdays per week
    • Inns and mills were monopolies of the castle, which leased to various tenants
  • 1648-1667, Cossak revolution and war between Russia and Poland
  • 1702-1708, Swede-Russia war
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